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Reiki Classes & Reiki Share Pot Lucks by Donation

Welcome To Missoula Reiki Share

A Community Group Dedicated To Sharing Information About Reiki With Our Community.              

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 Educational Classes Are On-Going By Donation,

Hi everyone, we are getting ready to have Reiki events in the next few weeks.

Let us know if you are interested. 

Reiki Share, Pot Lucks Are "To Be Announced"  Monthly If We Get Enough RSVPS. Call with Questions :

just leave a message at: 406-640-3026

Private Reiki Treatments are available also.  Please use the "Private Sessions" tab above.



Reiki (Rei=Universal Ki=Energy) is an all natural, gentle, calming, yet powerful technique using subtle energies.

Reiki assists in relaxation & enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself & remain in a natural state of wellness.

It is an ideal complement to other medical or holistic health care treatments.

Call 406-640-3026 to schedule a session  

See Calendar For More Information.



REIKI LEVEL 1 (with attunement) - with Bob Ruby Reiki Master.

Perfect for beginners & intermediate Reiki Students to get higher certifications.  Advanced students are welcome to attend to keep their skills up and learn teaching techniques  as well... Bring a friend who needs a healing session if you can. -Suggested donation $50 to $100

REIKI LEVEL 2 (with attunement) - with Bob Ruby Reiki Master.

Perfect for intermediate Reiki Students, advanced students are welcome to attend as well to lead training & share techniques... Bring a friend if you can. -Suggested donation for class session $50 to $100      

REIKI MASTER Attunement - by Appointment Only.

Advanced students who have shown master level ability are encouraged to get their master attunement.  -Cost $100 

CALL TO CONFIRM YOU ARE COMING, (office) 406-640-3026, 

Please let us know you are coming so we can accommodate you.

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Bob Ruby II Reki Master



"Along my path to becoming a Reiki Master I have had many Reiki treatments.

To me a Reiki treatment feels like a healing radiant energy that flows through and around me, I believe that the energy of Reiki is around us & inside of us at all times. We can learn to use this primal & abundant energy to enhance our well being when ever we choose.

I have experienced beneficial effects including, pain relief, relaxation, peace and well-being, clarity of mind and a reconnection to my own spirit & to nature.

Other recipients of Reiki have told me they feel warming or cooling sensations or a pleasant tingling during the treatment. "